Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nothing I do is ever simple!

So, I'm finally sitting down to write some new blog posts (actually finish some drafts that I started months ago), but as I started working on it, I realized that I had quite a bit to say. So much in fact, that the blog post was looking way too long. I realized that some of the points I was making really deserved their own blog post. So I started some draft posts for the points I wanted to go into detail on. Then I stepped back for a minute and I realized that this is how pretty much every thing I do ends up.

I tend to get into these recursive dependency problems with every project that I undertake, no matter how simple it seems. Oh, I want to update my mail server at home. But before I do that, I should set up a new VM host so I can just start with a clean VM with a new updated base OS that just came out. Oh, but before I set up a new VM host, I really should buy new hardware for it because why use this old hardware that uses too much electricity, and I can get something new with remote management features like intel AMT or hp ilo. But if I'm going to buy new hardware, which hardware. I had better do some reasearch. Oh, now I think I figured out which hardware, but you know I had better take on an additional side job so that I can get some extra funds to pay for this new hardware.

So in that example, months later I finally have new hardware and a new VM host and it's awesome, but I still haven't moved my mail server over yet. Now I'm weighing the security risks of having a VM in my DMZ at home, but the VM is running on a physical host which is on my trusted vlan so that it can store the disk images on my NAS which is on my trusted vlan only. So I still haven't moved my old mail server yet.

Ugh. And that's just an average example. Why does my brain do that? The number of personal projects I'd like to work on just keeps growing because ever project seems to begat more projects.

Anyway, enough of this. I think I finally have that off my chest, back to finishing my recursive blog posts.

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